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a note from audra auclair:

Hi! I'm Audra, the creator of Oniberri. I'm a full-time Canadian artist residing on the Pacific West Coast. I create the designs for Oniberri while my partner, Lopi, takes care of logistics and customer service. Lopi is a wonderful long haired tree climbing wizard, he is also a writer!


After many years of selling my art online I really wanted to create a separate brand from my personal name, so I decided to create Oniberri as a place to design cool stuff. I love creating art that expresses the female form, my anime obsession, creepy things, and various aesthetic genres. I often touch on mental health issues and pop culture.

Though I plan to collaborate in the future with other artists, for now everything in the store is designed by me. I do my best to use sustainable products as environmentalism is a key pillar in my moral compass.


In the past I have done all of the printing, shipping and packaging myself with help from Lopi. Some of you might remember that era. It had ended up taking up most of our weeks and kept us from being able to create. So currently we have a collection of items that are fulfilled fulfilled by a partnered company but Lopi and I will be doing seasonal (hopefully) launches that we will ship out ourselves. Because of this some orders might arrive split up into two. 

Plus Pattern
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